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OPAM Spot "Brasilien - ein Land der Gegensätze" von mikuisart auf Vimeo.

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Kein Mensch will eine Marionette sein!

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OPAM is an artificial word and it is the abbreviation for “Opera di Promozione dell’ Alfabetizzazione nel Mondo“: “Foundation for the promotion of literacy in the world". (more)

Nobody wants to be a marionette

The annual World Day of Literacy on September 8 has its focus on problems caused by illiteracy and is aimed at encouraging people to help.

Illiteracy is on the increase. In addition to the people who have never learned to read or write for whatever reason there are now also the people who, as a result of the consumption of visual media, have forgotten or partially forgotten these basic skills.(more)

Key OPAM-statistics from the last year

• 2016 Administration costs and Publicity costs 0,74 %                                                                                       

You can see your money gets through to those who need it!

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