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What is OPAM?

OPAM is an artificial word and it is the abbreviation for “Opera di Promozione dell’ Alfabetizzazione nel Mondo“: “Foundation for the promotion of literacy in the world".

The Italian name has its origin in its initial foundation of the organisation in Rome in 1972.

In 1980 OPAM e.V. was founded in Lindlar-Linde (Germany) for the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Our organisation works for all denominations and is open for everybody. It aims at an integral alphabetisation, which means an integrated sponsorship especially of those people in developing countries who do not get a school and professional education. If we succeed in bringing education to people and thus opening prospects, we think that this is the only chance in the medium or long term to break through the spiral of poverty and suppression.

Thanks to our generous donors as well as the fact that both the board and all honorary staff have always worked without expense allowances, we have been able to help up to now more than 500 projects in the developing areas of our world.

Our last certificate of exemption of the local internal revenue office reconfirming our charitable status was issued in July 2015.

Therein the public welfare has been fully recognized.

We ask you to give your support to our work, which is particulary important in the present times of global conflicts, and ask you to recommend us to others.

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