Nobody wants to be a marionette

The annual World Day of Literacy on September 8 has its focus on problems caused by illiteracy and is aimed at encouraging people to help.

Illiteracy is on the increase. In addition to the people who have never learned to read or write for whatever reason there are also now the people who, as a result of the consumption of visual media, have forgotten or partially forgotten these basic skills.

The consequences can be seen as similar to the problems of illiteracy in the "third" world. As a result of the resultant dependency, people are trapped in a vicious circle of poverty and exploitation and they sometimes see that their only hope of escape is through crime or even acts of terrorism.

The aim of OPAM e.V. is to break through this vicious circle.

During over thirty years of voluntary work and in more than 500 projects, OPAM e.V has been able to pursue and realize the aims of “integrated literacy” which are: 

  • Education instead of poverty 
  • Training instead of unemployment
  • Knowledge of human rights and dignity instead of exploitation and contempt
  • Hygiene instead of sickness
  • Employment instead of child labour